Power Studies


I utilize SKM Power Tools for Windows to build and analyze power distribution systems including short circuit analysis, coordination studies and arc flash studies.  I can do as little as input the data into the software for you and let you complete the study up to performing a complete project study from start to finish.   I currently have a 1000 bus license for SKM Dapper, Captor, A_Fault, Arc Flash Evalution and Equipment Evalution.

QA/QC Plan Review


I have many years of experience of peer review of bid documents prepared by dozens of consulting firms.  The small investment of an outside 3rd party "fresh set of eyes" taking one last look at your project MEP and FP design before it  hits the streets can help dramatically reduce addenda, RFI's and change orders.

Electrical Estimating


Are all your estimators busy and you need a hand to get your project taken-off?  I can help.  I'm not talking about using a square foot ballpark number.  I can provide real quantity take-off from locknuts and bushings to branch power and lighting, to feeders, to the gear and lighting packages to the fire alarm, security and telecom systems.  Contact me for temporary and part-time estimating assistance.

Disclosure and Conflict of Interest Statement

I am currently an employee at a university in the facilities planning and management department.  In my position there I am routinely involved with and responsible for the solicitation,  evaluation, selection and hiring of consulting firms and contractors.  If you are a consultant or contractor or a subconsultant of a consultant or subcontractor of a contractor currently in a contract or seeking to be in a contract with the same university presently or in the future I will not be able to enter into any agreements with your firm or company for the services I am offering as a freelance electrical engineer.